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Third-Party Two-Wheeler Insurance

All you know the motor insurance is a mandatory one by the law for all vehicles registered and riding on Indian roads. This law is applicable to every two-wheeler. If you have insurance, it will provide you with a sense of security as riding two-wheelers are most risky. The two most common terms those are used in the two-wheeler insurance. One is comprehensive and another one is a comprehensive insurance policy.

All you know the major differences of comprehensive and third-party motor insurance is the compreh3ensive is the combination of third-party insurance and own damage cover. The third party insurance is insured by the former and it not only covers the third party but also covers all damages caused to the insured vehicle. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) review the premium rates of the third-party two-wheeler insurance on 1 April 2017. The third-party bike insurance premium was pretty high.

For claiming third party motor insurance, you have to follow some steps to claim it.

File the police complaint: an important aspect is to file an FIR at the nearest police station where the accident happens.

File the complaint with motor accidents claims tribunal: file the claim along with the Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal, which is the legal authority to conduct the claim processing. The final one is claiming settlement.

The third party two-wheeler insurance will be provided by the insurer on the web portal. So, people, you can get the third party two-wheeler insurance online that will save you precious time. Just search for two-wheeler insurance third party and get lots of benefits from the insurance.

Features of Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

Nowadays, accidents may happen anywhere and at any this case, it will cause loss of life or damage to a third person or property. The third-party motor insurance policy will take care of those liabilities.

Bodily Injury or Death to Third-Party

If your vehicle is the reason for causing bodily injuries or even death to the third party, the injured person would claim medical costs through the third party insurance policy. The injured individuals can get this claim in case they are handicapped or not in a position to work. As well as, you will receive reimbursement for physical disabilities.

Under the 3rd Party bike insurance policy, there is no limit to injuries which can be caused in an accident. It will be covered by the insurance company and you can save the insured for the expenses.

Property Damage

If you are responsible for causing damage, the third party insurance plan covers all damages to the property of a third property. According to the norms of IRDAI, the damaged property will be covered to the extent of Rs.1 lakh which comes under the third party two wheeler insurance.

Unfortunate Event of Death of Bike owner or driver

If you met with an accident as resulting in your untimely demise, your dependents would be able to claim reimbursement for the unexpected income loss.

Permanent Total Disability of Driver or Bike Owner

If you drive the insured vehicle and sustain a permanent total disability, you can claim reimbursement under the third-party two-wheeler insurance policy. In case loss of sight of both eyes or one limb, loss of two limbs, the sight of one eye or even death, you will be paid out of 100% sum assured value. 50% of the sum assured will be paid out if you may loss of sight of one eye or loss of one limb. The 100% of the sum assured will be paid out the claim reimbursement for permanent total disablement from bodily injuries.

Other Features

Getting third-party two-wheeler insurance is very easy and has low exclusion as compared to the comprehensive motor insurance. The major reason of this affordability is third-party insurance policy does not cover losses or damages to your insured vehicles.

What Does it not Cover?

The third-party two-wheeler insurance plan does not cover the following things.

  • Damage to your own two-wheeler
  • Loss or damage caused by activities outside the geographical area of the policy
  • The claim arising out of a contractual loss
  • Any damage or liability caused due to war, warlike situation, nuclear weapons, and radioactive contamination.

Benefits of Third-Party Two-Wheeler Insurance

Third party bike insurance is also referred to as liability only insurance. The third party insurance offers protection to the drivers or owners against legal obligations arising out of damage to the third party. The third party can be anything like an individual person or property.

The third party two-wheeler insurance is more economical than a comprehensive bike insurance plan. Buying third party two-wheeler insurance is much easier and submits only a few documents because it covers only the third party, not the insured vehicle.

Offering Financial Assistance

The third party two-wheeler insurance policy satisfies your needs and requirements of coverings cause of death or bodily injuries to the third party person either an individual person or damage to the property. It could be a huge level of obligations that cover all the financial costs from your pocket.

Easy Processing

Getting third-party insurance online for two-wheeler is the easiest one and requires minimum documentation. Since, it doesn’t consider your insured vehicle.


The third-party insurance policy rates for two-wheeler are cost-effective as compared to the comprehensive motor insurance policy.

Peace of Mind

If you opt for the third party insurance plan for your two-wheeler, it offers you peace of mind when you met any unexpected events. So, get a higher risk covered by paying a small premium payment. Buying third-party bike insurance online is the simplest one that would be done with few documents.

Everyone is very excited to ride the two-wheeler through highways. Generally, bike reflects the personality. So, getting third party insurance is the best thing to show your love and affection. It will cover bodily injuries or death of third party person or properties getting suffered from accidents.

Moreover, third-party two-wheeler insurance will protect only you against damages towards the third party. As well as, it does not bear the damaged cost of your vehicle; neither will it offer you any personal accident cover for a rider.

According to the IRDAI, the insurance regulator fixes the rates of third-party liability component in bike insurance every year. It is computed based on the engine capacity. As well as it offers limited coverage that’s enough to match your needs,

You can buy the third party two-wheeler insurance plan for both private or personal and commercial or business-related two-wheelers. If you are the owner of the delivery business, the bike used for the business should be insured under the third-party two-wheeler insurance for the commercial vehicles. Either bike owners or riders or lessee can purchase the third party two-wheeler insurance for commercial bikes

While buying the third party two-wheeler insurance policy, you have to calculate the insurance premium which is formulated by the IRDA. The formula of the premium for third party liability policy is based on the engine’s cubic capacity.

Having cheapest third party bike insurance policy will help you to take care of your financial losses that you suffer from any bodily injuries caused to another person or property. Do you have an old bike? if so, opt for the third party liability insurance plans that will take care of the third party damages while not costing you too much.


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