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Features of Two-Wheeler Insurance

Most of the people love their two-wheeler as their children. You may undergo some process of cleaning and polishing then give for services to get more performances on a ride. We know your two-wheeler will be a necessary and important thing in your life. Keep safe and secure of your two-wheeler in the prized possession covered on bike insurance features

Insurance compnies offer you the best insurance cover to your two-wheeler to support by financial method against physical damages to the bike and in cases of theft else third-party accountability. By considering the road conditions in India, we provide two-wheeler insurance as a savior for your bike on the road.

Accidental Coverage

The designs of the Indian bikes are not supposed to avoid the traffic jams; we keep the ratio of the accidents in mind and help you to be safeguarded on the road by the two wheeler insurance. An accidental coverage expense includes the offers of natural-perils injured and damages caused to third party liability and the damages caused by the third-party while your vehicle involved in an accident.

We are recommended for all riders to be covered by the two-wheeler insurance policy to avoid the unforeseen situations on the road. Here the benefits of accidental coverage are listed below.

  • Total Sum assured will be provided in case of accidental death.
  • A capital sum assured amount will be provided for disability compensation.
  • Allowance of the hospitalization charges half a percentage will be provided for the policy amount.
  • The time of claiming process is available the entire timer and its sanction will be hassle-free.

Third Party Liability

Third party two-wheeler insurance is a mandatory option covered under the two-wheeler insurance to protect the riders from the damages caused by the third-party people. Advantages of the covered liabilities are explained below.

The third party coverage protects the riders against the legal obligations as damages caused by the third-party to a person or a property.

Third party liability insurance is a sense of security to stay safe on the road while traveling on the road by two-wheeler than the secure offer from our comprehensive motor insurance plan.

Less documentation process to insure the vehicle

The premium of the policy will be easily affordable when compared to its counterpart.

No Claim Bonus

We offer, the insurer offers an option of No claim bonus for the policyholder as No claim bonus during the until the policy period term finish. If the policyholder accepts the term for NCB their insurance amount and the pre-mentioned discount rate have accumulated over the years by the percentage of an amount.

NCB is also applicable in case of purchasing the new vehicle and is offered to transfer the policy from one insurer to another. In case of the situation like accidental expense caused to others is caused by others, if the reason can’t be determined the policy ncb in bike insurance amount will be divided into two partitions without affecting the claimed bonus amount.

Coverage Against Theft/Vandalism

By insuring the ride there are two options available in the insurance policy. The first option is comprehensive Cover offers the insurance plan for the individual cover amount to claim in case of accident else damages to repair to their vehicle premium amount of the policy will be higher. Verify both plans and choose the best accidental insurance plan upon your protection.

The second option of Third Party Insurance is based to processing the claim amount of the third party damages caused by us else there is also option to claim for your vehicle damages caused by others. This type of insurance includes the coverage for injuries and death to the third party by accidental damages due to the insured vehicle. The premium amount for the insurance term is lesser than the comprehensive policy term.

Add-on Covers

An insurance policy for the standard bike offers the scope to gain possible coverage with the help of add-ons. While facing the unforeseen while riding journey will provide the ncb in two wheeler insurance for hiccups to face some legal, emotional setbacks on the financial rate. For a smooth ride to prefer the bike insurance feature of add-on covers to your bike.

Add-on covers option will helps during the mishaps and accidents. There are different amounts will be costs in the different plan on add-on cover option. If there is any amount will get claims from the policy, it will affect the premium cost be higher on the rate for the further pay.

Permanent Injury of the Individual

Riding a bike gives a lot of fun and thrill on the travel. Two wheelers are used most frequently on a day-to-day commute to reach a nearby or far distant place. The most preferable convenient mode of transport is two-wheeler. Despite the advantages and the thrilling experience of the two-wheel one can’t avoid the risk associated with the bike riding.

There might be a chance for the happening of accidents in the ride or may it can’t happen to the risks. Insurance companies offer you the plan of personal accident insurance policy to fill your responsibility to secure your family from these causes. In comprehensive insurance that covers this personal accidental plan as a built-in feature.

Death of the Individual

An accidental cover of the insurance policy will have the ability to pay for injuries, financial crises else to treat the compensation in case of death caused. If any Accidental causes to the policyholder the compensation amount of the sum assured in policy amount will be handover to their fixed nominee.

The terms of the individual damages included in the policy as by the following lines.

The insured bike should be registered on the policyholder name

Need to submit the valid driving license to the insurer.

This accidental coverage for a Motor Accident claims tribunal will calculate the amount and gives a savior benefit of financing for the policyholder’s family due to their absence.

Damage Caused to the Property of the Individual

IRDAI an approved insurer claims the ratio of amount settlement and providing the benefits and disclaims for the customer by their records. The policy covers the liabilities options are

  • The natural disaster caused to two-wheeler by the reasons of flood, earthquakes, and fire.
  • Accidental Causes
  • Damages during the travel in rail, water, and air
  • Coverage for damages during the theft of the two-wheeler

No cost bonus in two wheeler insurance offers a beneficial plan to the damages caused to the property. The Insured Declared value will be payable in case of a claim from the insurance premium from the accident cover. The insurance premium will get varied by the models of the two-wheeler in the insurance zone.

Third Party Coverage

The policy plan takes responsibility for the damage or loss caused to the third party person. The conditions for the third-party two wheeler insurance covers the options to claim for their medical costs of injuries or death to the third party caused by the Insured two-wheeler.

Third party insurance is also applicable for the third party property damage to sustain their damages compensation. The policyholder will claim the third party damages from the accident insurance due to the death of the driver or the third party bike owner to compensate for their family for the sudden loss of income.


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