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Third Party Car Insurance

The word “insurance” it means something that you save now enjoy its benefits in the future. When you buy a vehicle it is necessary to insure them to ride them on the Indian roads. There are a large number of companies that provide car insurance. You can visit an online website to know more about the insurances and the companies that provide insurances this will make easy for you to have third party car insurance online.

What is Third Party Insurance?

When you go for car insurance, you can find two different types of insurances like third party insurance and comprehensive insurance. Third party insurance is that gives complete protection and coverage for the other party’s vehicle and people in the vehicle during an accident and if the fault is on your side. Here is some other information regarding the third party car insurance.

Why Do You Need Third Party Car Insurance?

Leaving all the legal issues and the requirements, consider you are driving on a road and met with an accident. Unfortunately, the fault is with you. In such cases, the opposite vehicle may have any type of damage like small to big damage on the vehicle or a blood injury or sometimes even the death of the people. The other party will have the right to register a case seeking compensation from yours. Here, your third-party insurance will help you with the third party liability coverage. According to IRDA, it helps you by compensating the third party.

Third Party Liability Car Insurance

Third party liability coverage will be provided as compensation for any legal liabilities of the third party vehicle if the fault is on your side. Anyway, it is not legal to drive a vehicle in the Indian roads without an insuring them, Motor Vehicles Act 1988, section 146 says.

Comprehensive V/s Third Party Liability Car Insurance

Here are ideas that you can obtain when you make a third party insurance compared to the comprehensive insurance.

  • The comprehensive insurance policy covers the damages caused to you, your vehicle during an accident or theft or natural calamities whereas third party insurance covers will cover only for the vehicle and individuals of the other party.
  • Third party insurance is much cheaper than comprehensive insurance.
  • The third party includes some add-ons like the additional cover, but comprehensive includes engine protection, zero depreciation, and return to invoice.
  • You can buy the cheapest third party car insurance easily when compared to comprehensive insurance.

Before you choose the company, ask them for the third party car insurance quote and also for comprehensive insurance compare both and choose the best among them.

Third Party Advantage

There are certain advantages when you third party insurance online like:

Offers You Peace of Mind

It will be highly helpful in some traumatic situations on the high financial expenses. You can avoid worrying about the unfortunate situation and concentrate on way to get relief from the stress and copping up with the accidents since your third party insurance covers will help you to get rid of your financial issues regarding the accidents for the third person.

Easy and Fast Process

Compared to the other type of insurances, third party vehicle insurance is easy to buy and renew you can avail it and renew it being at any corner of the world at any part of the day. Anyone can easily apply and buy them at the lowest cost.

To enjoy the complete benefits of your third party vehicle insurance you have to choose the right company. You can refer to analyze the companies completely and you can also buy the cheapest third party car insurance.

Third Party Insurance Benefits

Having a third party motor insurance will assist you to have some benefits and here are some of them.

Cost Factor for the Third Person

During any accidents there can damage to the other party because of you. In those instances, you are responsible to pay the amount because of the damage. Sometimes it can be smaller and easily you could pay it. But sometimes you may not expect that. Even the cost is higher you will have to bare them like medical bill, loss or damage to property etc. You may even need to sell your properties to compensate them. In those cases, third party car insurance will highly help you, and it will cover up to the cost 7.5 lakh in your compensation.

You Have Legally Insured

In India, is it not legal to drive a vehicle on the public roads without having a license or without insuring your vehicle. Having third party third party insurance will meet the basic requirements and thus you are legally approved to run drive your vehicle on the public roads.

Also, they may differ according to the company that you choose, so make research and ask about the various other service that the company can provide you to have higher benefits out of your third party car insurance online.

Third Party Insurance Features

When you go buy a car to drive them on the public roads you should be legally approved. Only when you have insurance you can achieve this. In looking for car insurance the company may offer you a certain plan that you can choose as per your convenience. One of the plans is the third-party motor insurance.

  • During an accident, this type of policy will help you to protect you from then compensation that you have to give for the third person for any damage in vehicle, property, injury or even death.
  • Compared to the other policies, third party car insurance price is low and so it is the cheapest type of car insurance that you may get in the market.
  • When you take up such plans, you cannot have a personal accidental cover or coverage or any of the disorder or damage that happens to your vehicle. It completely protects only the third party vehicle.
  • It is highly useful for people who do not use cars more frequently and who have old cars that do not value much.

You will make insurance to face the financial issues regarding any accidents in the future. To avoid the later confusions third party insurance compares to finding the best company and also ask them clearly about the premium, add-ons, another factor for your third party insurance online. Have the best insurance with third party car insurance price and be secured.


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