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Senior citizen health insurance plan is a vital requirement, specifically when a person is planning for his or her retirement and start living on the pension or the interest income from the savings. An unexpected emergency can develop a financial crisis. In order to avoid this possibility, it is crucial to get involved with a complete citizen Mediclaim Policy. Such health insurance policies are available for those persons, who are belonged to the age group of between 65 years and 80 years of age.

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Overview of Senior Citizen Health Insurance

As per the IRDA’s new guidelines, all the health insurance providers must offer coverage to individuals, up to the age of 65 years. Such kind of new guidelines will significantly help people getting coverage at the later phases of life. They are also allowed in shifting coverage if they are unsatisfied with their present provider of senior citizen health insurance. There are various insurance providers available for aged people. Nevertheless, the crucial point is to select the appropriate one.

Therefore, it is important to make a complete comparison of various health insurance Mediclaim Policy involved with the senior citizen. With the help of online comparison, one can easily find and select the appropriate, best, and perfect insurance plan. Such type of comparison is important to provide an idea about one’s best-suited policy.

Famous Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans that are Available in India

General insurance companies (IRDA approved) provide Mediclaim for senior citizen in India and are associated with niche products for catering to this section in this society. In India, the senior citizens’ Mediclaim Policy provides assurance that they are financially protected in times of their golden years along with that, they are capable of keeping pace with the medical costs.

  • Bajaj Allianz’s Silver Health.
  • National Insurance’s Varistha Mediclaim.
  • Star Health Insurance’s Red Carpet Health Insurance.
  • Apollo Munich’s Optima Restore
  • Max Bupa’s Gold
  • Religare’s Care
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Some Important Factors Whenever Comparing Mediclaim Policies for Senior Citizens

Health Insurance

The assured quantity of sum is usually lesser for the public insurance companies that serve Rs. 1 to Rs. 2 lakhs of policies. One can get a cover of Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs from the private insurance companies; however, the premiums will be higher and they might demand to make the co-payments.


Co-payments command that the pre-defined percentage associated with the claim amount is going to be bored by the respective policyholder and the insurer will settle the remaining sum (it is a standard clause along with various group health insurance plans). An insurance policy with a co-payment clause might be affordable; however, it might not give you a full coverage.

3. Maximum Age of Renewing:

A number of insurance companies provide senior citizen Mediclaim Policy for the aged parents involving with an age group between 60 to 80 years. Some companies have provided the restriction in the policyholder’s age – to the age of 69 years only.

4. Coverage associated with Certain Diseases:

If an insured senior citizen is experiencing any pre-existing illness, then the particular disease is going to be covered through the specific insurance company following the completion of the interval of one year or two years involved with the particular policy. Some of the companies do not provide the coverage for such pre-existing illnesses; therefore, it is a smarter idea to make a proper analysis before the purchase.

5. Waiting Periods

Definitely, in this particular case, the insured will be comparatively older; therefore, it is important to purchase a plan involving a low waiting period.

6. Freelook Period

It is referred to a period in which the respective policyholder is permitted to close their specific insurance contract, in case if they do not provide consent for the policy's terms and conditions or if they do not want to continue with that particular policy, without providing the penalty along with the with surrender charges. Policyholders can utilize this specific option within 15 days of receiving the particular policy documents.

The important Points while Selecting a Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy for your aged Parents

  • You should choose a plan that allows you renewing your plan to the utmost age.
  • You should go for a plan providing an appropriate coverage at the affordable prices. It will be perfect if it provides coverage for critical along with pre-existing illness.
  • It will be a better idea to select a specific plan covering the pre-existing illness featured with a lower waiting period.
  • You have to select a proper plan that is involved with minimum co-payment.

Considering Points while Purchasing Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy for Your Parents

Capability of Claims’ Process

Two most vital considering factors are Claim settlement ratio and claim settlement time. The claim settlement time is faster and the claim settlement ratio is higher – signify the particular insurer is performing a great task with honest and authentic claims.

Day-care Processes

Many health insurance policies do not provide the coverage for Day-care methods. For making a Mediclaim, hospitalisation is compulsory for at least 24 hours of duration. That is why it will be better to select a particular plan providing the coverage for the highest count of day-care methods.

Network Hospitals

You should properly go through the catalogue consisting network hospitals nearby you also verify whether they have included the common services.

No-Claim Bonus

Many insurance companies offer a no-claim bonus or a no-claim discount if the policyholder lodged no claim. In this scenario, either the insured sum increases or the premium decreases or both.

Other considering points are:
  • Pre-Hospitalisation or Post-Hospitalisation
  • Premium Factors
  • Discreet Individual Policy for Parents
  • Free Medical Health Check

You should also check the advantages of Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy along with the Senior Citizen Health Insurance Exclusions. You should not forget to check the procedure of claiming the Mediclaim for Senior Citizen and Tax Benefits of Senior Citizen Health Insurance.

Quick Bima always helps you in saving your money and time by providing an easy and quick comparison of policies.

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