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Mediclaim Policy: How to Get Relief from Medical Expenses

Mediclaim Insurance along with Cashless Hospitalization: The medical expenses should not create a pressure on your budget. Therefore, it is crucial to compare as well as find out the correct Mediclaim plan at Quick Bima.

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Mediclaim Policy implies the hospitalization benefit offering the general insurance by both of the Indian public and private sector establishments.
The Mediclaim insurance policy deals with the expenses following the hospitalization or domiciliary hospitalization in the following scenarios:

  • In case of unexpected ailment or surgery
  • If an accident occurs
  • In case of a surgery in times of the policy tenure
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Work Structure of Mediclaim Policy

Two kinds of claims are available under the Mediclaim Policy

Health Insurance
1. Cashless Procedure:

Cashless is a procedure in which a patient has given the treatment in a particular network hospital, and then insurer settles the part of the specific claim or the complete claim with that hospital. It specifies a sufferer does not have to spend a penny for the treatment in the hospital. However, certain procedures are there that you have to follow for ensuring the smooth and proper claim process.
At the initial level, all the empanelled hospitals will hold a particular insurance desk in their specific premises. You, as a policyholder, have to get a pre-authorization form from that desk that must be dully filled along with the right information, as any of the missed detail will delay the complete process.
The filled form requires being stamped by the specific hospital along with the doctor. In the following phase, the same has to fax over TPA or Third Party Administrator or the insurer. After the careful examination of the form, the particular company will approve a certain amount of sum and then send a fax reverse to the hospital specifying that ‘X’ amount is sanctioned for the specific treatment.

An example in this regard:

If the specific hospital has provided a treatment cost of Rs 4 lakh, the specific insurer and TPA is going to rework and suppose, approve the amount of Rs 3 lakh for the treatment. In this time, they will notify that hospital that they are going to reimburse the expenses up to Rs 3 lakh only (under cashless) and in case the total cost will be more than this specific limit, they will go through it later. Nevertheless, during the discharge, the complete amount of billing will come at Rs 3.60 lakh. In such scenario, the policyholder holds two options – send the required documents to the insurer and wait or pays himself or himself and get the reimbursement.

2. Reimbursement:

In the need of reimbursement, it is essential to inform the insurance company about the hospitalization or the same can be happened in the forthcoming future. You can send them an E-mail or make a call. To receive reimbursement, you have to submit each payment receipt (including medicines’ bills that you have purchased from the outside chemist). You must ensure that the discharge card (original), final bills, and the payment receipts have to be in a specific position so that these can be easily submitted to the respective insurance company for receiving reimbursement.

3 Considerations before Purchasing a Mediclaim Plan

If a person has not purchased a Mediclaim Policy but is planning to give an application for the same, then as per the recommendation, it is crucial to check the following points for ensuring that he or she is going to purchase the best policy.
Such factors can also be utilized in comparing various insurance plan alternatives that are available nowadays.

Health Insurance

Individual & family floater

In case of the individual plan, every individual has been insured for the particular amount; on the other hand, in the family floater, the full family has been insured for a fixed sum assured. In the scenario of the family floater, while the primary person expires or touches a particular age, the particular policy is terminated and other younger members will not be able to renew that policy. In case of the Individual plan, the person is insured on discrete parameters. The achievement of the particular age is not going to impact the insurance coverage linked to other family members.

Renewability Age

However, the policy provides only one year of coverage; however, in the real scenario, it is a connection between the customer and the specific insurance company. Therefore, the health Insurance policy has to cover with the age, as it is difficult to receive insurance at that particular age. If the policy is not going to provide you the coverage at that particular time, then purchasing this type of policy will not provide the appropriate peace.

Pre-existing Disease

This is applicable only if a person is involved with a pre-existing disease in time of receiving the insurance plan. It covers such diseases that may be developed from a pre-existing disease. As an instance, if someone is suffering from diabetes in time of receiving the specific plan and in future develop heart issue, then the same will also be considered as a pre-existing disease. An appropriate Mediclaim insurance plan is able to cover pre-existing diseases as early as possible.

In today’s speedy life, almost everything can be performed online from attending college to ordering dinner. Therefore, it is not a matter of wonder that many individuals want to purchase Mediclaim insurance from their comfort zone. In order to connect insured to insurers, Quick Bima is an appropriate destination to find out the perfect Mediclaim policies.

Your search for an appropriate plan will find its destination at Quick Bima where after providing fundamental details, such as name, occupation, annual income and so on, you will receive free quotes on Mediclaim premium of different policies that can be easily compared at an easy click of a mouse. Whenever you make a comparison of Mediclaim insurance plans, you should pay your attention towards the overall limits, coverage depth along with empanelled hospitals.

After choosing a specific policy, you can utilize the specific Mediclaim premium calculator to calculate your premium. In this way, you can easily plan your financial objectives. By making a proper comparison, you can purchase the best Mediclaim policy at the affordable rates.


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