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Maternity Health Insurance

Generally, health insurance will help you to be secured and reduces your financial burden during the time of medical emergencies. When it comes to maternity, it is one of the important phases in your life and you know they’re more medical expenses; on having medical insurance for maternity will help you to face those medical expenses for both normal delivery and cesarean. A future based on the company and the plan that you choose you can avail other benefits like coverage for pre and post-delivery, room charges, doctor consultation, surgeon’s fee etc. To avail maximum benefit out of your maternity health insurance you have to choose the right company and plan.

Advantages of Maternity Health Insurance

In addition to the new mother, it is also a crucial moment for the entire family to have the delivery period. You cannot predict what may happen and how much you have to spend on it. For example, you may have to stay in the hospital for some more time, maybe in use of incubators, ICU wards, etc, and you have to be prepared to face all the expenses. When you have a maternity health insurance plan, you have a number of advantages to gain out of it.

Pre and post-natal Expenses

They cover the cost of the medicine, ultrasound, doctor’s fee, periodic checkups etc. you can also have coverage for the expenses due to the pre and post delivery./p>

Hospital Stays

You will have to stay in the hospital for a few days after your delivery. A fine maternity health insurance plan will help you out to bare the hospitalization cost.

Health Checkups for Your Baby

When your baby reaches the world, it can have free medical checkups and if there is any illness or treatment have to be given, you can avail it and your maternity insurance helps you out of it.

Infant Congenital Defects

They’re some defects that can be cured easily in medical technology. When there is a risk of congenital defects in your maternity health insurance policy will help you with a certain amount.

Benefits of Maternity Health Insurance

There is a number of benefits that the entire family can enjoy when you have a maternity health insurance policy. Choose them wisely; compare various plans from and choose the best maternity health insurance online among them. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy:

Covers Policy for Your Baby From the First Day of Birth

When you have a health insurance plan, but it will not cover insurance for your baby till its 90th day. Maternity health insurance will help to cover the policy from day 1 of your child. There are some companies that provide coverage for vaccination and cover till completion of its 1st year without having any additional charges.

Tax Benefit

If you are a taxpayer and you take a health insurance plan you can have a reduction in the tax under the section 80D act for the tax that you pay. For individual health insurance you can have up to 25,000 and if you include senior citizen you may have up to 50,000.

Add on Benefits

There are many health insurance companies that provide the maternity health insurance added to your regular health insurance when you pay more premium. This makes simple and you don’t need to buy maternity health insurance separately. You can also enjoy the benefits simple to the separate maternity health insurance policy.


There are certain times where the mother or the child has to be admitted in the hospital due to some illness or diseases. You may have some expenses like incubators charges, ICU charges, medicines, etc. Your medical insurance will help you to in the treatment of both the mother and the child.

Having a maternity health insurance policy during the time of gestation will help you and your family in lot many ways. Especially for the new mother, it will help to get rid of being afraid of the medical bills and the various other charges before, during and after delivery. To enjoy the complete benefit of your maternity health insurance policy, you have to buy the best maternity insurance plan. You can refer to compare the various insurance plans, companies, and other factors and helps you to have the best maternity health insurance online.

Features of Maternity Health Insurance

Having a maternity health insurance plan helps you to spend the memorable moments of your life without getting afraid of the cost factor. Here are some features that the maternity insurance plan has.

Waiting Period

You can have a longer time in the maternity health insurance plans mostly they can be availed for 24 to 48 months of consecutive policy coverage. To have maximum use of your maternity health insurance policy, it is good when you have them as soon as you get married since the waiting period will get over when you want the coverage.


Based on the company and the plan you will be fixed with the sub-limit. Few medical insurance plans stop with a particular amount of coverage from your health insurance plan and some offer you the entire the sum of the insured amount. You have to choose them carefully because sometimes based on the hospital, treatment, and place you may have more expenses during maternity.


The premium differs according to the selection of the plan like adding the maternity plan to the existing health insurance plan or separate maternity insurance. If you add to your existing plan it may cost more but you will have higher benefits. Look at the cost benefit before you buy them.

Buying the best maternity health insurance is not an expense; it is actually the saving for the future medical needs. it is important to be particular about clearly analyzing the various factors, benefits, advantages, premium, coverage, network hospital etc. Before you choose your insurance and buy them. Choose the most appropriate maternity insurance and stay happy and financially secured with your newborn baby!


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