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Individual Health Insurance Plan

Health is a wealth for every individual that required to take care of the whole life.

General, Health Insurance provides you with the cashless medical treatment or refunds the medical expenses in the covered amount. As well as it ensures that medical care is available to a person without using their savings. When it comes to individual health insurance, everyone needs it in their life and it takes care of your health and medical treatment expenses like medicines, hospitalization, etc.

This is the perfect and honest solution for individuals who can’t afford quality treatment because of treatment cost and insufficiency of cash.

When something bad happens to you like a car accident, bike accident or critical illness, health insurance help you to prevent your higher expenses. This will help you to save your time and money on a doctor visit, preventive care, prescription drug coverage, and other expenses.

Typically, this kind of health insurance plans comes with costs involve monthly premium, co-payments, co-insurance, and an annual deductible.

Coverage of Individual Health Insurance Plans

The comprehensive range of facilities is available in the individual health insurance policy. It covers all pre and posts hospitalization expenses provoked around 30 to 60 days and 90 days hospitalization.

As well as it covers ambulance and diagnostic test charge up to the pre-defined limit. The facilities involve daycare but it is specified in terms and conditions. If you have done your treatment in a network hospital, you will provide the cashless facilities. After a formal approval process, you will refund your amount during the non-cashless treatment.

Benefits of Individual Health Insurance Policies

The individual health insurance policy covers only individuals. Having individual health insurance plans is a more beneficial one and let’s looks at some major benefits that are listed below.

Cashless Claim Service

During the medical emergency, you can use the offered cashless benefit in your policy. Some leading health insurance companies offer you the cashless hospitalization facility which comes under an individual health policy.Without staggering your savings, the individual health insurance plans allow you to avail a medical treatment. These services are only available in the hospital, which is recognized by insurance companies. The insurer makes the payment directly to the nursing home or hospital.

Tax Benefits

The premium payments of plans are entitled to a deduction under section 80D as per the income tax act. That deduction amount is available is up to Rs. 15, 000for individuals or Rs. 20, 000 for senior citizens which means aged above 65 years. Furthermore, the exemption premium amount is available up to Rs. 20, 000 for dependent parents.

Hospitalization Daily Allowance

The leading insurance companies offer a specific allowance to the policyholder who spends each day in the hospital. The number of days you spent in the hospital is already specified in the medical insurance plans and it varies depending upon the insurance companies. If you are the main person in your family, this service will more beneficial to you during your emergency time.

While comparing to employer-sponsored insurance, the individual health plans have some additional advantages including,

• People keep their plan even they quit the job

• Can choose the specific network either clinics or preferred doctors

• Can choose the coverage level, what they want that meets their unique needs. People may choose whether co-pays, deductible, or co-insurance

• Average or less cost

With the individual health insurance policy, you can save a lot of time and more comfortable to utilize. Here, no need to worry about making more than one claim in a year.

Features of Individual Health Insurance Plans


While before the policyholder hospitalized, the medical insurance should be acquired immediately. This coverage comes under individual health care benefits. The medical expenses up to 30 to 90 days while before the hospitalization are covered under the plans. This process will be done only after the patient hospitalization claim is granted by the insurance company.

Post Hospitalization

It is slightly different from the pre-hospitalization. The medical expenses up to 30 to 180 days post discharge that is coming under the individual health insurance policy.

Day Care Treatments

This plan involves a surgical process that is operated by using local or general anesthesia. Due to the technological advancement of medical care, it requires less than 24 hours of hospitalization.

Mostly, the insurance company comes with a specific list of processes which is covered under this category. Most of the companies offer the best individual health insurance online that includes most of the medical expenses.

No-Claim Benefits

In the health insurance plan, the no-claim bonus is similar to 10% of the sum insured up to the maximum of 100% which is available for every unclaimed year. Once your claim is made, the cumulative bonus id decreased by 10% sum insured.

The claim should be reduced at the renewal time as well as the basic sum insured can’t be affected.

Organ Donor Cover

The plan offers this coverage for medical expenses up to the basic sum insured on harvesting organ for an individual from the donor.

Other Features Include,

• Due to the accidents and illness, the plan offers broad coverage for the medical treatment that gives in-patient hospitalization.

• Coverage includes ICU coverage, boarding and lodging expenses, diagnostic procedure prosthetic costs

• Lifelong renewal facility

Moreover, an individual health insurance plan offers you with better access to medical care facilities. Some insurance companies send a notification to the people regarding where and when to have the diagnostic screenings. So, people opt for the best individual health insurance by comparing individual health insurance online that will suit your unique needs and requirements. As well as you should evaluate the policy how many years it will propose to cover you. So check the renewability features to obtain the best policy.

This policy provides additional peace of mind; you can be able to get more care promptly and conveniently. So buy the best that will meet your needs completely.


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