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Health insurance is an important factor when speaking of your health[Deleted:,] and the selection has to be made from wide variety of options available. Most insurance companies may also sell you with multiple products. Besides, you may also find many insurance companies presently. Some best companies may also offer you with complete coverage plans so to make your right selection you may have to use the services of a premium insurance calculator. This factor will help you select the right policy that is affordable and caters all your needs.

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Process of calculation of premiums by insurers

Are you looking around for purchasing Health insurance plans lately? In case “Yes”, then you may need to get familiar with the process used by these companies for deciding your premiums. There are also a number of companies that may provide you with complete rate list.

The fact is that a number of factors are looked into by these companies for calculating premiums. Each company always follows their deciding factors for preparing the rate list. Some such factors may include your age, past medical history, etc.

Also, the premiums and coverage may vary with age. If you purchase a policy at the age of 25 you have to invest less money as compared to one that you purchase at 45. The fact is that people are more prone to fall sick and use medical services at the age of 45. So the time when you purchase any health insurance policy, the insurance companies will ensure that you provide a complete check up report.

In case you are suffering from some pre-existing disease condition or if you use tobacco or alcohol, then the companies will always suggest you invest more money in the premiums. Each of this query is to be answered by the clients before purchasing an insurance policy.

Health Insurance
Getting familiar with insurance premiums

This is the sum of money that you may have to pay to the insurance company on regular basis. Till you are investing money in premiums, your policy will be valid and you shall be entitled to claim for coverage at the time of sickness. o it is obvious that you may have to perform the calculations of the premiums according to your coverage requirements. The insurance company also ensures that it shall be paying you with hospital expenses and other hospital bills on time. This factor proves helpful at the time of emergency.

Advantages of Premium calculators

Most policies may not be simplified as they offer with fine prints and terms and conditions that may be complicated to understand. There may be chances that you may not be familiar with few important terms and conditions. So at the time of paying premiums, there are chances that you end up investing more money. Apart from this, there may also be chances that you may not be paid with desired coverage. So to meet your expectations, it is obvious that you have to make use of a quality premium calculator. If you are aware of your premium amounts and coverage amounts in advance, then things may become very much simplified for you.

Some other benefits of using a calculator are as follows:

  • The process of purchasing right insurance policy becomes a simplified task for you as you have already calculated your premiums in advance.
  • This factor can also be made use of at the time of making a comparison amongst different health insurance plans available in the market.
  • Using the insurance calculator, you can also make use of add-ons to your existing insurance policy for better coverage benefits.
  • It is also helpful in providing you with the exact time when you need to get started with purchasing the policy.

Factors altering premiums

Insurance companies may provide you with few important guidelines that are related to the policy plans. These guidelines are always followed by the companies, the moment they provide you with any new insurance policy. Let’s look into some of these guidelines here.

Health Insurance

Service and market charges

This is a significantly big figure for any company. The amounts for marketing and service providers have to be recovered by the companies. They recover from the premiums clients are paying to the companies for the policies they purchase. Some other additional costs are also included – advertisements, commission, marketing, brochure, etc.

Investments and savings

The companies are always investing the premium money in the market. The fact is private sector investment may also offer with potential risk to these companies. The investments are made according to IRDA regulations. So it is certain that the company also have to offer you with return gains facility on your premiums.


They offer with multiple single returns insurance policies. They try and maintain a perfect balance between each policy they sell to the customers. The [Inserted: a ]underwritten are done after calculating all risk factors involved. Only after test and error, the companies may come out with best insurance policies for their customers. The fact is that companies follow strict guidelines to avoid falling prey to market risks.

Rate of mortality

At times these companies are expected to pay hospitalization money and other medical expenses to the family members or policyholders. Thus if there is any eventuality to the client then it is considered as mortality rate by the company. The amount has to be paid by the insurer to the policyholder. In case of old age customers, this rate may increase.

Premium amounts for senior citizens, in general, is always higher People who are aged are also more prone to fall sick very often including a number of illness conditions – heart attack, stroke, diabetes, etc. The companies have to pay much higher assured amount Past medical history may be healthy

So, the moment you have to purchase an insurance policy, the company expects you to provide with your medical reports.


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