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Family Health Insurance Plan

A family health insurance is one of the types of health insurances that provide medical health insurance coverage for more one person in a family. You will have to pay the premium on the annual basis. You can also avail the coverage of family insurance policy when one or more, people get admitted to the hospital at the same time.

General family insurance will allow covering you, your spouse, your children (up to 4 members), parents and sometimes parents in law. You can use to choose the best family health insurance online as it helps you to compare the various companies and policies to choose the best among them. There are also several advantages and benefits when you have a family medical insurance as discussed below.

Advantages of Family Health Insurance

Having a family medical insurance policy for your family provides you with some advantages. In addition, there are a few other advantages when you have a family medical insurance. Here are a few of them.

A family medical insurance policy helps you cover all the members of the family under a single health insurance policy. There are more valuable for families having more members, children and senior citizens. You can have insurance for all of them under a single roof.

Discounts for a Family Health Insurance Policy

There are some parameters and criteria that help you to have discounts and incentives when you have a medical insurance policy for your family. This makes you be planning regarding your future and upcoming medical expenses.

You Can Easily Add Members to the List

When you have an individual insurance cover you have to apply for the new insurance for the new people. But a family medical insurance plan will help you to easily add the new people on the list. When there is any unfortunate demise of the senior citizens, you don’t have any change and you can run the insurance and have the benefits. When you want to add senior citizens on the list make sure you choose to pay a higher sum of insurance.

You Can Include Your Parents or Your Parents in Law

There are many health insurance plans that accept the addition of your parents and parents in law with additional cost. This helps you to have insurance for the entire family.


When you have a medical insurance plan for an individual you will have to pay for each of them separately. Having a health insurance policy for the entire family will help you to have the medical insurance under the single umbrella and it helps for all the people for any medical emergency.

Benefits of Family Health Insurance

Having a family health insurance is like a saving that you make for your family to face some critical medical emergency situations. There are some benefits you can enjoy when you have a family medical insurance policy like:

Increase in Medical Cost

Technology is showing a high increase in the medical cost of any treatment. The medical insurance will save you from being unsecured during the medical emergencies. It is evidenced that most of the people are depending on their own savings for any medical emergencies.

Income Tax Benefit

When you have medical health insurance and if you are a taxpayer, you can avail the tax reduction under the section of 80D you can claim up to 25,000 for you and your children and spouse, and up to 50,000 for your parents who are above the age of 60.

It Covers Pre and Posts Hospitalization Expenses

A medical expense covers diagnostic test, outpatient department (OPD), and many other expenses before getting admitted and after discharged. Having the best family health insurance plan will help you to pay for all such expenses.

Additional Benefits

There are also some benefits that you can enjoy like ambulance coverage, coverage for various health checkups, day care surgeries, vaccination etc. To completely enjoy all the benefits of the health insurance policy you have to choose the best company and the best policy. You can get assisted from to compare them and you can choose your family health insurance policy online easily.

Features of Family Health Insurance

You invest your money in the family health insurance and there are certain features which give you the fulfillment and better coverage for your family. Here are some of those features that the family health insurance policy provides you.

Lifetime Renewability

Generally, if you do not a health insurance policy and take them after the age 65, you will face difficulties in buying them. You will miss some of the benefits that you obtain from the medical insurance policy. When you have medical health insurance for your family earlier you can renew it and have them till your lifetime.

Daycare and other OPD expenses

Generally, to claim medical insurance you will have to be hospitalized at least for 24 hours. But now as the result of growth in technology, there are many treatments that take place in less than 24 hours, even for some serious medical problems like dialysis, eye surgery, lithotripsy, chemotherapy, etc. Look at the feature being covered by your health insurance plans.

Enhancement of the Insured Amount

You might have taken health insurance, long back, but later on the cost might have been increased for various treatments as the growth in technology. There are some companies that help you to increase the sum or provide no claim bonus. In addition, there is also some top up a plan that helps you to gain more money than you have paid; features of your family health insurance differ company to company and policy to policy. helps you to compare them and choose the best among them.

You may have any number of expenses and investments, but have a good family health insurance is the investment that you make to avoid financial insecurities during medical emergency situations. Have a best family health insurance policy in the right insurance policy and be secured with your family.


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