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The family health plan is one type of health insurance. It provides coverage for more than one family member and it assures fixed sum in turn of a single annual premium. This type of policy offers assured coverage facility to two as well as more family members simultaneously, in the situation of hospitalization or if a disease is diagnosed.

Generally, a family health plan offers coverage to a family (you along with your spouse and up to 4 children), whereas some of the insurance companies provide you with the opportunity to cover your parents in the existing policy of the health insurance.

One person might also get the permission to include his or her in-laws (expanded family members) in his or her existing family floater health insurance policy with the additional premium cost. You can compare and search the appropriate family health plan at Quick Bima. Family Health Plan offers coverage Up to 15 Relationships.

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You have the alternative to have coverage for full family medical insurance including self, parents, spouse and children. A family floater is the perfect health plan whenever it comes to the question of safeguarding your family members’ health. As it is an individual policy for the whole family, that is why you can get a relief from the work of purchasing and maintaining various health insurance policies for each of the family member.

Generally, family floater health plan cover individual, spouse along with the kids. Nevertheless, several insurance companies offer their family health plan for providing coverage to parents, siblings, and in-laws as well. Family Floater health plan will be the best option whenever you need to cover the health insurance for parents, spouse, and kids in a particular family health plan.

The conception, named family health plan is achieving outstanding popularity among individuals. Additionally, with above 30 general insurance companies providing health insurance plans in India. Selecting an appropriate family health plan is an intimidating task

Nowadays, with the help of the internet, the comfort of purchasing family floater health plans has been increased tremendously. However, it has also added additional responsibilities for people to learn each complicacy related to the health insurance plans prior to making a final decision.

Family Health Plan - Types

A family health plan provides coverage to every family member (subject to the policy terms). A health insurance plan can be widely categorized into two classifications depending on the offered health coverage types:

Health Insurance
1. Medical Insurance:

A medical insurance policy usually refunds the cost of hospitalization, subject to healthcare treatment. The specific insurance company carries the cost of the structure of reimbursement or cashless treatment.

2. Critical Illness Insurance:

Such policy provides coverage to a policyholder against the chronic diseases including stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure and so on. The insurance company pays the whole sum that has been assured to the policyholder in the lump-sum form (subject to policy coverage). Nevertheless, you cannot purchase critical illness insurance as a sole policy for your whole family.

3. Understanding the Family Health Plan:

Underneath are some important tips that one must consider prior to his or her purchasing a health insurance plan for his or her family. You should read the following context to resolve your confusions regarding the family health plan.

4. Fundamental Coverage under a Family Health Plan:

When you are going to compare various plans of family health insurance, then it is vital to creating a list belonged to basic or fundamental health coverage provided under the particular policy. Most of the health plans provide in-hospitalization expenses, ambulance charges, daycare expenses, etc.

If someone is planning for his or her child, then he or she has to select the family health plan, covering insurance for the newly born child or add the child as the beneficiary to the existing family floater health plan.

The comparison of policy has to be performed considering the coverage linked to pre-existing diseases along with lifestyle, and exclusions in times of the initial 30 days of that policy.

5. Enquire about the Maximum Renewal Age

Several health insurance companies provide the policy renewal facility until 60-65 years. Today, some health insurance companies offer lifelong renewal opportunity. You have to ensure that the family floater health plan [Inserted: un][Deleted:l]should be able to provide the protection in your requirement.

6. Flexibility to Enhance the Assured Sum of a Family Floater Health Plan

The cost of living will not remain the same forever and it applies to the medical treatment cost as well. A large number of insurers provide the opportunity of upgrading the insured sum in the forthcoming years. Frequently, if someone renews in a timely manner and if he or she is associated with No Claim Bonus, then the insurance provider establishment will reward him or her by enhancing the insured sum amount.

7. Experience Claim Settlement in a Hassle-free Way

Though every health insurance company obey the identical claim process according to the direction of the insurance regulator; however, some differences might be there in aspects of the functionality of all the companies. Before purchasing a health insurance plan for the family, a person must understand the claim settlement procedure of the company. Nowadays, many companies provide cashless hospitalization; therefore, there is no trouble involved with the collection of the documents and filing them.

8. Availing the Seamless Cashless Hospitalization

In recent times, nearly all the health insurance companies are providing cashless hospitalization in their network hospitals. It has made the hospitalization procedure hassle-free and seamless. Nevertheless, it is vital to crosscheck all of these factors to make sure that the names of the good hospitals are there on the list.

Family Health Plans – Benefits

A family health plan is very important for protecting the health of a family. Some of its most advantageous directions are as follows:

  • You will get a hassle-free experience.
  • You can avail the amazing discounts on Family Health Plan.
  • New family members can be easily added.
  • You will get continuous family cover.
  • You can take the advantages of attractive features.
  • It includes the parents and in-laws insurance.
  • You can get tax benefits.

Before you go for a family floater health insurance plan, one must read thoroughly the policy documents for understanding the policy exclusions in a detailed manner. To know more about Family Health Plan Eligibility Criteria along with purchasing procedure of a New Family Health Plan, you should follow a reliable website.

With Quick Bima, you can save your energy and time of comparing different Family Health Plan.


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