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Critical Illness Plan

A health insurance policy is necessary for everyone and it will help you and your family during the time of any medical emergency. Among the various health insurance plans, Critical illness plan is one of the types that covers insurance for some critical health problems that create a serious effect on a person’s life and it may also lead to the loss of income for the family. In the recent days, the growths of diseases are increasing there are few diseases that cause higher effects, sometimes even cause of death.

It is highly recommended if you are the only person in the family to earn. Having this plan helps you get treatment for these diseases and you can also get a lump sum to meet the daily needs of your family. It is evidenced that 26,426 people in India are suffering from serious chronic diseases like cancer, AIDS and paralysis. Under such cases, choosing the right critical illness plan insurance online, will help you to be financially secure and can be treated in the right hospital with the right treatment.

Advantages of Critical Illness Plan

A critical illness plan comes up with some advantages that you can our family will acquire. Some of them are as follows.

No Need of Depletion in Your Savings

You may have saved a certain amount for some reasons like your children’s studies or a wedding or etc. When you get affected by these serious diseases, you may need to take them out and you can treat yourself from the insurance that you have taken for you.

Multi Claim Options

There are certain insurance companies to help you with a multi-claim. You can claim for multi times for some illness that belongs to various groups. When you claim for the first you do not need to pay a premium, but the plan will remain intact.

Income Replacement

The critical illness insurances also serve as the financial back up if you are the only person to earn in the family and suddenly when you sentence to such illness in your family may be at risk in the financial needs of the daily life. The lump sum amount provided by the insurance company will help to carry the family and also for your treatment.

Money for Multi Purposes

You do not have a high risk to apply, you can claim for your critical illness policy by submitting some basic certificates like diagnosis reports and some medical documents. Some diseases like cancer, AIDS, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure that require some dialysis, to some partial blindness.

Benefits of Critical Illness Plan

When you have the right critical illness policy it will secure your life and critical illness cover will pay or your treatment and even the lump sum amount will help you and your family. Apart from this, there are several other benefits that the plan will offer you. Some are as follows.

You Can Obtain the Lump Sum Amount That is Tax-Free

When you have a critical illness policy you can have a lump sum amount within 30 days of the period from which you have submitted the relevant document and the medical reports. There is no tax deducted to these lump sum amounts.

Covers Insurance to 26 Diseases

Around 26 diseases like cancer, heart attack, strokes, AIDS, coronary artery bypass etc. Will be covered in the critical illness plan. It is better if you have the complete list and analyses before you buy your health insurance plan.

Family Protection

A critical illness will highly help you when you suffer from such diseases, have a mortgage to pay and when your children are young and have several expenses like education, marriage etc. The lump sum provided by your medical insurance will highly help your family.

Guaranteed Premium

Initially, it may be smaller in the amount of premium, but when it moves on there can be the risk of a high increase in the premium. It is better to have the medical insurance cover that is fixed till the age of 65 or 75.

Features of Critical Illness Plan

Unlike other insurance plans, the critical insurance plans are common and have some features like:

• A critical illness plan pays a lump sum amount to the person when they provide the required document and medical reports. This amount is tax-free.

• You can just claim for some common illness that you may feel hard to work. The illness that you claim for should be in the list the insurance company provides.

• Policy summaries are essential when the critical illness covers only a particular illness.

• Even when a critical illness policy covers insurance for the certain life-threatening diseases, it will not cover all the stages and the varieties of the illness.

• Some insurance companies will provide coverage for the illness that you are suffering from even before you opt for the insurance policy, but some of them say you should have the insurance policy before you get affected by the illness and only that will help for your life and critical illness cover of your insurance.

• There are some cases that the insurance company will impose some conditions on the benefits of your insurance, this is based on your previous and your family medical history. To have a clear view you should know the norms that the companies have on your insurance policy before you sign to buy the insurance policy.

• Another important norm is that you have to survive one month after diagnosing the illness to claim for medical insurance.

• For an illness like heart attack should have some proper medical shreds of evidence before you claim for insurance coverage.

Critical illness plan is different from the other health insurance plans, have a clear and complete understanding of the plan before you buy the one. will help you to completely analyze the various factors; companies, etc and this will help you to choose the right critical illness plan insurance online that you and your family are convenient.


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