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Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the best ways to get rid of your sudden medical expenses. It helps you to get cashless hospitalization when you feel sick or met with the sudden accident and also you will get tax exemption under section 80D of income tax act 1961. Medical expenses will lead you to unwanted stress and financial troubles with the health insurance policy in hand you can able to get tension and cash free treatment. You need health insurance policies that cover medical, hospitalization, laboratory test and medicine costs, which help you to get higher benefits than normal health insurance policies.

Importance of Health Insurance

Everyone should buy health insurance, which is a mandatory one because it offers risk coverage to the individual against expenditure due to unexpected medical emergencies.
The best health insurance quotes covered all expense details including doctor consultation fees, ambulance charges, costs towards medical tests, hospitalization costs and also post-hospitalization recovery cost.
The major aspect of health insurance is that one is not limited to, Government hospital, but can provide the best services at Private hospitals. As well as, it offers financial security to meet health-based contingencies.

Types of Health Insurance

Often, health insurance is considered medical insurance or just mediclaim that covers the cost of medical and surgical expenses. This health insurances are classified into seven different types, they are:

1. Individual Health Insurance- Simplest one is always best! Most of the people believed this Individual health care plan is the best option among others. The policy is designed to ensure an individual against illness and ensuing medical expenses. This plan coverage includes hospitalization and surgical expenses until their certain limit is reached. Want to buy this health cover policy?
Initially, you have to pay a specific amount as premium like all insurance plans. The paying amount is based on the size of the policy cover.

2. Family Health Insurance - The Family health plan offers assured coverage to more than one member of a family of the single annual premium. Generally, this plan covers a family such as you and your spouse along with one or more children, and it allows you to include your parents in the existing insurance policy. With the family Insurance policy, you can protect your complete family.

3. Senior Citizen Health Insurance- The senior citizen policy is mandatory for the people who are between 65 and 80 years of age. While you're planning for retirement or live on a pension or interest income from any savings, this plan is a necessity for you. You can buy this senior citizen health insurance policy at affordable premiums.

4. Corporate Health Insurance- The health insurance is considered as the Group health insurance policy that offers coverage for various innovative features such as highly customizable, the wide range of sum insured and more. You can cover this insurance at a low and affordable price and provide service for hospitalization, disability, and even unexpected accidents; it becomes the widespread phenomenon of health insurances offered by an employer to its employees.

5. Maternity Health Insurance- This insurance plan is designed for maternity and health care cost to the mothers and their newborn. Usually, the maternity is the additional benefits that included in your existing health insurance policy. Often, it provides for female employees, along with their Group Health insurance policies. It is an ideal one for a complete pregnancy health insurance package.

6. Worldwide Health Insurance- This insurance plan is critical for the people as expats in foreign locations. With the policy, you can get medical treatment in either a home country or around the world. You can get more benefits with the worldwide health insurance that cover wherever you are in the world.

7. Critical Illness Plan- Critical illness is one of the benefit-based health insurance plans that provide you a whole amount of illness and medical procedures. Naturally, the critical illness Plan is high severity, low frequency and at the same time, the cost of treatment is higher than the regular medical issues like stroke, heart attack and more.

Types of Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance Companies in India

Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co.Ltd. HDFC Ergo General Insurance Co.Ltd.
Apollo Munich Health Insurance Co.Ltd. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co.Ltd.
ManipalCigna Health Insurance Co.Ltd. IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Co.Ltd.
Max Bupa Health Insurance Co.Ltd. Kotak Mahindra General Insurance Co.Ltd.
Religare Health Insurance Co.Ltd. Liberty Videocon General Insurance Co.Ltd.
Star Health and Allied Insurance Co.Ltd. Reliance General Insurance Co.Ltd.
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co.Ltd. Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co.Ltd.

Features of Health Insurance

Always remember that the needs of an individual, the health insurance plans come with various plans to suit for an individual, family members, senior citizens as well as a group of people. Here, the medical insurance plan has some salient features are described below.

• Cashless Treatment- One of the essential factors, the cashless treatment saves your friends and relatives who have been suffered from the stress of arranging money in an emergency situation.

• Pre and Post Hospitalization- This salient features covered pre and post hospitalization charges for 60 days. During the period of hospitalization, the person gets refunded while after paying the bills any some other expenses like to incur documents.

• Ambulance Fee- This ambulance fee comes under a family floater plan or expense cover. Mostly, policies may refund the ambulance fee for up to a limited value.

• No Claim Bonus- No claim bonus is one of the benefits in the healthcare insurance that provided for the year. Here, you no need to claim for insurance against any illness. Some policies, it gets added for 5 years as well as the percentage varies from 10 – 50%.

• Medical Check-Up- This health insurance plan provides free medical checkup within the predetermined limit that stated in the policy.

• Room Rent in your Health Insurance Sub-limits- When you stay in a single or private room, the insurer refunds every expense and also, you can upgrade your room as per your requirements.

• Additional Riders- There are several kinds of riders in health insurance policies that offer you the customized features and add some coverage in the policy.

• Restoration of Benefits- The health insurer may pay a lump sum to include the additional costs such as compassionate visits by friends and family members or loss in income.

• Co-Payment- Co-payment is considered to be a mutual payment which means the insurance company shares some percentage of the total claim amount. It will help to reduce your premium, but you need to see if you can pay the part of money while costly treatments.

• Annual Health Check-ups- All we know the proverb, prevention is better than cure. That’s the health insurance plan offers free annual health check-up you and your family including children.

• Cover for Pre-existing Diseases- It covers pre-existing illness the person who suffers while before knowing the policy as well as it is considered as lifestyle diseases. The person may suffer from diabetes, kidney failure, hypertension, cancer, etc.

• Save Money- Nowadays, medical care cost is too high. With the health insurance plan, insurers are paid your majority of expenses while getting the treatment.

• OPD Benefits- This OPD expense covers some types of procedure and also it includes small-time medical treatments like dental treatments. And also it covers consultant fees, pathological tests, and cost of medicines.

• Day Care Procedure- The short-term hospitalization procedure is considered as the daycare procedure which covers expensive treatments and requires an extended hospital stay. It includes radiotherapy, cataract, chemotherapy, dialysis, angiotherapy and more.

Benefits of Health Insurance

Most of the people assume that health care insurance only pays for medical expenses. But the best health insurance policies cover all other expenses as well. Always, keeping in mind that there are many insurers offer a wide range of benefits beyond cover for medical expenses.

• Online Buying Facility- Past few years, customers have no option to buy an insurance policy except through agents or consultants. But, now you can buy the policies online provided by various insurance companies for the customers who are looking for the best health insurance plan.

• Several Premium Payment Scenarios- The premium payments are available in most health insurance policies in India.

• Nowadays, health insurance policies are costlier in metro cities compared to towns given higher medical expenses.

• Coverage- Recent years, the insurer offers a wide range of products to serve all kinds of services and requirements to the customer. Mostly, insurance companies offered family floater policies which provide coverage for the whole family in a single umbrella.

• Sub Limits- While before buying the health care insurance policies, experts want a clear picture of sub-limit from the customer. Some traditional insurance plans require sub-limit such as room rents, the cap on doctor’s fees and charges related to the operation theatre.

• Portability- Policyholders can utilize this facility where they can turn their current insurance policy to other insurers that should provide the highest quality of services and benefits.

• Alternative Treatment- Nowadays, alternative treatment has become more popular that has prompted many insurers to cover treatments such as Yoga, homeopathy, and Ayurveda.

• Domiciliary Treatment- Mostly, insurance companies extend their plan to include treatment taken at home under medical supervision.

• Attendant Allowance- The attendance allowance for adults who accompanied the insured at a hospital that offered by some insurance companies. The attendance allowance is fixed that is specified in a policy.

• Daily Hospital Cash allowance- Insurers help to take care of your medical expenses that offered by some additional functional protection. It doesn’t include under the policy, such as traveling and food. Most of the company’s daily cash plans offer daily cash up to Rs. 2, 000 per day.

• Free Health Checkup- Another beneficial thing is that health insurance plans offer periodic health checkup for free to policyholders. This check-up continued for every 4 or 5 claim free years. When the tests or treatments are done at the hospital or center, the insurers provide cashless health check-up.

• Tax Benefits- The tax benefits cannot be ignored policyholders can use some tax benefits under section 80D and 80DD of the Income-tax Act. You can use of tax benefit of up to Rs.55, 000.

• This only took place in either Government hospital or an institute recognized by the National Accreditation Board on Health and Quality Council of India.

Benefits of Health Insurance Policy

Top Health Insurance Plans in India

Aditya Birla Diamond Plan Chola MS Tax Plus Healthline Plan
Aditya Birla Active Health Essential Plan Chola MS Family Healthline Insurance Plan
Aditya Birla Personal Accident Plan Chola Ms Individual Healthline Insurance Plan
Aditya Birla Critical illness Plan Chola MS Topup Healthline Plan
Apollo Munich Health Insurance for Individual Plan Future Generali Family Floater Plan
Apollo Munich Health Insurance for Families Plan Future Generali Individual Health Plan
Apollo Munich Health Insurance for Senior Citizens Plan Future Generali Personal Accident Plan
ManipalCigna Pro Health Insurance Plan HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Plans For Individual
ManipalCigna Hospital Cash Plan HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Plans For Family
ManipalCigna ProHealth-Select Plan HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Plans For Parents
ManipalCigna Global Health Group Policy ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance Plan
ProHealth Group Insurance Policy ICICI Lombard Health Booster Cover Plan
Max Bupa GoActive Family Floater Plan ICICI Lombard Personal Protect Policy
Max Bupa Health Companion Family Floater Plan IFFCO-Tokio Family Health Protector Policy
Max Bupa CRITICARE Plan IFFCO-Tokio Individual Health Protector Policy
Religare Care - Health Insurance Plan Liberty Health Connect Policy
Religare Care - Family Health Insurance Plan Liberty Health Connect Supra Plan
Religare Care - Individual Health Insurance Plan Reliance HealthGain Plan
Religare Joy - Maternity Focus Health Insurance Plan Reliance HealthGain On Installments Plan
Star Health Family Health Optima Insurance Plan Royal Sundaram Lifeline Plan
Star Health Comprehensive Insurance Policy Royal Sundaram Family Plus Plan
Star Health Medi-classic Insurance Policy SBI Arogya Premier Policy
Star Health Gain Insurance Policy SBI Arogya Plus Policy
Bajaj Allianz Individual Health Insurance Plan SBI Arogya Top up Policy
Bajaj Allianz Silver Health Plan for Senior Citizens Plan TATA AIG Mediprime Plan
Bajaj Allianz Extra Care Plus Policy TATA AIG Wellsurance Executive Policy
Bharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance Policy TATA AIG Wellsurance Family Policy
Bharti AXA Smart Health Insurance Policy TATA AIG Critical Illness Plan
Bharti AXA Individual Critical Illness Insurance Plan Universal Sompo Individual Health Insurance Plan
Chola MS Healthline Plan Universal Sompo Group Health Insurance Policy
Chola MS Swasth Parivar Insurance Plan Universal Sompo Individual Accident Policy

Compare Health Insurance

Compare the types of health insurance plans- Everyone wants to save their own family’s health. That’s why purchasing health insurance become mandatory for all. Compare the types of health insurance plans on the basis of the crucial factors,

• Renewability

• Sub-limit

• Sum Insured

• Waiting period

• Cashless Treatment

• Medical checkup and exclusion conditions

You should check these factors among the different types of health insurance plans. Then find out the ideal policy based that sits on your needs.

Compare health insurance companies- Opting for the best one is not the easiest task, because there are more than 25 insurance companies and above 200 health insurance products existed in the Indian insurance market. Here, some tips will help to make this task easier.

• Visit the insurance company’s website to compare various policies among the top insurance providers

• Get the list of suitable health insurance policies

• Go through the premium cost, sum insured and other factors and choose the best one that meets your needs

• Submit personal details on the comparison tool

Compare the Health Insurance Premium- Comparing the various health insurance plans from leading insurance companies. By this comparison, you can opt for the best mediclaim policy at an optimal premium price and get policy instantly. You can use the health insurance premium calculator to calculate your premium which depends on the insurance needs. You can buy online health insurance with the help of a premium calculator.

Compare Health Insurance before buy Online- It is an essential one that compares online health insurance policy while before purchasing in order to opt for the best plan for your needs. Sometimes, people end up with their existing plan due to less cost, contradictory clauses and more. Otherwise, people end up with higher cost and plan’s features that didn’t use or not necessary. Nowadays, treatment costs are increasing, so ensure that your needs are taken care of without compromising on your future goals. So, you can buy online health insurance policy to provide the best coverage for you and your family.

Best Health Insurance Companies- Nowadays, many companies provide health insurance products with amazing benefits and coverage options.

Compare the benefits of Health Insurance- Comparing the health insurance benefits depend upon the budget and services. The comparison portals allow you to compare the insurance plans from the comfort zone and save your time, money and effort.

Compare the features of health insurance- When choosing health insurance coverage plans, people should compare insurance plans from 2 to 3 preferred insurers. Don’t make decisions only based on the premiums and also check and compare the features, inclusions, and exclusions in the most basic plans. You should compare,

• Alternative treatment coverage

• Additional benefits

• Pre and Post Hospitalization

• Network Hospitals

Buy Health Insurance

After knowing about the health insurance and its benefits, importance, features, everyone had confusion about how to buy this health insurance plan on your own. No worry about it, here, some tips to buy health insurance plans for the family.

The major advantage of health benefit is to provide financial support to the customers.

Some factors to be considered:

• Check the health insurances are available for the lifetime

• After issued, no insurance company can levy claims

• In this situation of any hike in any insurance policy premium, insurers give a clean chit in 3 months advance for increasing terms of policy and premiums.

How to Buy Health Insurance- Luckily, you are in the age where many procedures are no longer as time-consuming. Nowadays, this is not a big problem, because the internet took care of that. Now, you can search for the best insurance companies and visit their websites, then buy health insurance plans over the internet.

When to buy the Health Insurance?- Here, discusses the best age to buy health insurance. But sooner is better for you.

Each and every health insurance depends on the assumption that a youngster has lesser possibilities for an illness that may require recurring hospitalization. The major benefits of buying health insurance early, you may get it cheaper. Another biggest benefit is that the insurance account ha few waiting periods applicable to new buyers. It is possible to buy health insurance while after being detected with some illness.

From where to buy health insurance- You may buy a health insurance policy from top insurers. Obviously, QuickBima is one of the best health insurance companies that are best for you. We provide you with all the benefits and always will be there for you in a critical situation. As well as, we offer affordable health insurance plans to take care of you and your family

What to buy- Choosing the best insurance plan is the toughest task ever. If you want to cover your expenses and surgical bills, you may get medical insurance, or if your coverage for expenses in the caesarean and normal delivery, you need Maternity insurance. If you seek the insurance for the entire family against medical emergency, you may opt for the family health plan. Just like that, buying health insurance plan is varying depends on individual needs.

Things to do before buying- Buying health insurance is the toughest one; you should consider some factors while before purchasing health insurance.

• Make sure you keep your family members

• Don’t lie and hide information in your application form

• Select the right insurance amount

• Check for health policies that offer lifetime renewability

• Check Cashless network of hospitals

• You should compare a Hospital room

• Buy health insurance plan with no or minimal sub-limit

• You should compare Hospital room eligibility capping, sub-limit, and hospital network. Then, finally, you go through the insurance policy wordings.

During your medical emergencies, the health plan is the best help, so you should consider the above-mentioned things while before buying the plan.

The Buying process of Health Insurance- If you want to buy the best health insurance policy, you should check some aspects in it such as high cover, less premium, maternity benefits, best claim settlement, OPD cover, quick claim settlements, and high-end benefits too. Here steps to follow:

  • You should be noted these for making your dream plan in one single policy.
  • You should understand your family members who you want to cover and then know about their health conditions, including your parents, wife, and children.
  • If any of your family member who is above 50 years old with a medical history, you can take a policy that will get adequate coverage for your family members. Then, finalize your coverage amount.
  • You should assess your lifestyle because what type of health plan you require. You should buy the best health insurance plan within the deadline that can get covered fully.
  • Check the important terms and benefits of the plan

With the policy, you may have cashless hospitalization and gain assured ranges from Rs.50,000 to Rs. 500,000. Sometimes, you may get a discount of maximum 10% on the premium for a family. Now, you can buy your health insurance, but you should look at various options and make the best decision quickly.

Documentation- While buying health insurance, you should prepare and file your health insurance information. And you should submit original documents and also save a copy for your reference.

Do you want to make hassle-free claims? You need to save some important documents carefully.

Discharge Card – It contains basic details such as date of admission and date of discharge, patient’s condition and diagnosis.

Letter for the first consultation and advice for Hospitalization: Doctor gives you the letter that shows the reason for your hospitalization.

Hospital bills with receipts: Collect all the hospital bills and check that they are duly stamped and signed by the hospital authorities.

Medical bills with doctor prescription: Submit your bills along with doctor prescription, it gets more authenticity.

Consultation receipts: Show the consultant receipts while you visit a doctor.

Documents pertaining to your specific condition: Submit a document pertaining to special condition with mediclaim forms that will help you to get your due claim.

Keep this all hospitalized documents carefully.

Medical Insurance- Quickbima offer good medical insurance plans that do three things

  • You can get the best medical care possible
  • Cover you financially against the hospitalization cost
  • Brings you the complete peace of mind

With the medical insurance plan, you can get access to immediate care at the best hospitals without hard-earned savings. The plans are designed to make your life simpler during the medical emergency situation.

Terms and Conditions- It is the crucial thing that you understand the benefits and features of a health insurance plan thoroughly. The main purpose of a health insurance plan that provides a sum assured to the special ones to take care of them. Certain things are a simple and straightforward manner, so you need to understand the terms and conditions of the health insurance plans thoroughly as specified in the policy document.


Why you need health insurance?- Health is everything. Uninsured people face more health risks every day. Health insurance helps you to protect from that risk as well as providing financial relief to you.

1. Is it secure to buy insurance online?- Yes, most insurers offer online health insurance plans and renewal facility on their own website. The top insurance companies drive their business on trust and security.

Can a person have a more one plan?- Yes, a person can have more than one health insurance plans. But, people can’t get payments of the same bills from both insurers.

Does Health Insurance cover all diagnostic charges?- Yes, Health insurance plan covers all diagnostic tests like blood test, MRI, X-Ray, and more.

How Quickbima helps you to choose the best health insurance plan?

Quickbima helps to cut the noise and opt for the best health insurance plan that suits your age, stage, and needs.

We rate the health insurance plans that pay for treatment as well as showcase the features that improve the claim level. It makes sure you get extensive coverage at an optimum price.

As well as, Quickbima offers you all the tools and product information to make the best decision while choosing your plans. Quickbima provides health insurance comparison from superior brands like Max Bupa, Star Health etc.

We are helping you to compare all the segments of claims and provide an instant policy to you.

Renew Health Insurance

Some leading health insurance provides renewal facility. If you stay with any insurance company or switch to another insurer, you need to renew your policy. Keeping in mind is that you should renew your policy before expiring.

How to do?- You may renew your policy online because it saves you time and also gives flexible payment options. Online renewal is the fastest and simplest process that takes only a few minutes. Follow same steps to renew your policy:

  • Submit the basic details of your previous policy, such as policy number and expiry date
  • Next, make your payment through credit card or debit card or net banking
  • Then, authorize the payment; you get digitally signed document of the policy. You can be printed your policy document at any time and retained in paper form
  • While renewing online, you must provide username and password. Now, you can check the policy details on your insurer’s website.

It’s your responsibility to renew your policy before the expiring date.

Review the renewal terms- The insurance company sent's renewal reminder to the policyholders 45 days prior to the renewal date. The renewal remainder contains policy details, such as the sum assured, number and claim-made types and no claim bonus too.

Is there any difference in the policy details in the remainder mail? You must be diligent and inform your insurer.

Before renewing, check out other options- Nowadays, health insurance portability allows the policyholder to transfer the health policy from an existing insurer to another.
While you are not satisfied with the existing insurer due to high premium costs and lower benefits, you have an option to migrate from one insurer to another.
The major advantage is that the policyholder will not lose their policy benefits such as no claim bonus, waiting period and more. This process should be initiated before 60 days of the policy expiry date.

Policy renewal before the due date- Are you failing to renew the policy on time?

Don’t worry, there is a 15 to 30 days grace period is offered to pay the premium dues. Even if the policyholder didn’t pay within the grace period, the policy fails. During the non-payment period, policy coverage doesn’t exist as well as doesn’t send any reminder email.

So, the policyholder should remember to renew the policy on time.

Payment of Premiums- Health insurance premiums are always higher compared to other insurance premiums. Like, personal loan EMI payment put aside funds to build health insurance premium payment.

Review Insurance needs- Everyone needs vary with age, illness, and new family members like a spouse or children. That’s why it is essential to review the policyholder’s insurance needs while before renewing the policy.

If married couples are planning to have a child, a maternity benefit plan can be included in the base policy or someone has the possibility of suffering a critical illness, a critical illness cover can be included in the base policy at the renewal time.

Read the policy documents carefully- Policyholder should check the terms and conditions such as renewal clause, claim guidelines, exclusions and more.

Claim Settlement

The insurer will settle the claim that helps to deal with cashless hospitalization facility.

How to do?- Made easy, the policyholders browse the list of network hospitals and check out the claim procedure either it can be cashless or reimbursement. Finally, download the claim form.

You should follow a few steps

  • You should approach the hospital or nursing home insurance desk
  • Show ID card for the identification process
  • The Hospital will provide you with the pre-authorization form to the insurance company
  • Doctor will assess your submitted documents as per terms and conditions. Now, your insurance claim will be processed

Process and Documentation- The process of claim settlement can be hassle-free,

If you follow the cashless procedure, you consider some steps:

  • Check if your illness is covered in your health insurance policy as well as check if the hospital is network hospital
  • Inform your insurer about your treatment within 24 hours
  • Submit the documents for identity
  • Insurer approves your claim and retains the original hospitalization documents

If you consider the Reimbursement procedure, you are treated in non-network hospital.

  • Inform the insurer and submit the reimbursement form within 30 days
  • Submit the original medical reports, hospitalization bills, and medical bills along with the form
  • Submit the discharge card to the insurer
  • Provide the doctor’s prescription to the insurer
  • The Insurer will settle your claim within 3 weeks and he will retain all submitted document copies for future references

Exclusion conditions- Every insurance policies come under the exclusions, the most common inclusions are Pre-existing conditions that cover pre-existing ailment but after a waiting period.

We provide affordable coverage to people who are suffering from the pre-existing condition. Other exclusions are injuries suffered during the war, congenital diseases, HIV related treatment etc.

Reimbursement- Reimbursement is considered as the claim settlement process that settled all the bills directly at the hospital while after getting the treatment. The insured need help to make the relevant documents and bills for the claim settlement to the TPA.

Everyone wants to buy a cheap health insurance policy as well as it has all good features and benefits in it like best claim settlement, less premium, high cover, etc.


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