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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

One of the most worrying facts about India is that in a country with a population of 1.3 billion, only one-fifth have a health cover. It can be because of the general indolence or lack of awareness. Let’s know more about the several reasons as to why health insurance is the right choice to make.

Unfortunate mishaps and accidents may occur anytime in life irrespective of your health. A health care insurance is not only for the elite and aging people, rather should be a choice of everybody. In the way this nation is moving, we can realise that soon we may witness a medical disaster which can affect any individual irrespective of age, location, gender, and time. Hospitalization plays an important role in the life of people, be it a new-born, youth, or the elderly.

Why & When Health Insurance Required?

With Facts and Stats

What is meant by Health Insurance?

Can you imagine a condition where you might have to spend all your hard, saved money for the cause of an emergency hospitalization? This might occur in the life of anybody. Hence, having a health insurance will only prove to be a messiah in that case. A health insurance is an agreement that ties you and your insurer to bear the costs related to hospitalization and other expenses according to certain pre-decided terms and conditions. You will be able to avail all of this by paying a certain amount annually to the insurance company.

Why is Health Insurance important?

National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) of a prominent cross-national analysis at the beginning of 2014 found that the treatment costs have increased tremendously at the rate of double-digits which is significantly higher than the costs in the past decade combining both the rural and urban India. When large numbers of patients register in private hospitals and health care facilities, they have to tackle the mounting medical bills. The cost of medical therapy may vary in different countries. Hence, having a health insurance is the best option for people who are not born with a golden spoon.

Factors to consider When comparing your health insurance plan

Many health insurance companies have established multiple policies that assure to be better than the others. It is crucial for you to realise how each policy is different with respect to premium and aspects that are being covered. When you have so many policies at hand, it is unwise to go with only the first few coming in your direction. When there is a possibility to strike the best deal with a comparatively lower premium, why not make use of it by doing some extra bit of research?

It is not an easy task to select a health insurance plan for everybody in your family. Hence, you should look out for some of these crucial factors:

Premium v/s Coverage: Verify if the sum assured and coverage provided are at par with the premium you pay. You can choose add-ons depending on your requirements. Make sure that you get to avail an affordable health care insurance.

Network Hospitals: Note that the network hospitals of your insurance are located near your area. You will be able to avail cashless services only in these hospitals. Limit of the Room Rent: Room rent of each hospital varies, and some insurance only takes charge of paying a part of the rent. It will be better to go with either a higher or no room-rent limit packages.

Exclusions: Make note of the items that are not included and which treatments are potentially covered when you buy health insurance.


Understand what is included in the plan?

Before you purchase your health insurance, check what the inclusions are:

Hospitalization: See if you will be admitted to a non-network hospital for treatment which requires more than 24 hours.

Pre and Post Hospitalization: See if your medical expenses including medicines and diagnostic reports are included.

Accident Cover: The insurance provides cover for out-of-pockets expenses and other medical expenses at the time of any accidental injury.

Day Care Procedures: Though OPD treatments are not included, yet procedures needed for removing kidney stone and cataract will be included.

Auto Restoration: It considered as a substitute to having adequate health insurance coverage that covers long term health care expenses.

Why to buy insurance plans online?

We are blessed with a number of choices which gives us the liberty to choose the best. This can also be applied to the insurance we buy as well. It is wise to explore each and every option available. Online broker should also be considered a good choice which has resulted out of the revolutionary innovation that took place in the e-commerce department. Some of the reasons are:

Expertise: Online brokers are licensed by IRDA who are not only skilled but also provide a fine approach for any arising insurance need. They also deal with insurance products that are diverse which make them more accurate in providing solutions according to the district requirements. Their entire business model revolves around offering essential service to their customers on high priority.

User-Friendly: Some of the insurance brokers have convenient and user-friendly gateways which are also easy for a newbie to access and buy any insurance policy according to his/her needs. The ease that online brokers provide is quite noteworthy with many incredible features.

After Sale Service: Brokers are eligible of handling requests coming from customers to help deal with insurance companies. Therefore, all it takes to have your work done is a phone call to the online broker.

Assistance during Claims: Most brokers have a far-reaching Claims Team that will help you with your queries and concerns with respect to your claims. Even before you submit your documents to the insurance company, online brokers will scrutinize every detail for you. The experts in the Claims Team will have your back at all times.

Best health insurance plans in india

You will find many plans, but choosing the best health insurance plan from the market counts. The top insurance plans are:

  • Religare Care Plan
  • Max Bupa Companion Health Insurance Policy
  • Oriental Happy Family Floater Mediclaim Plan
  • Senior Citizen Red Carpet Plan
  • iHealth Plan
  • HDFC Ergo

As you are bombarded with so many options, it is obvious for you to be choosy with your health insurance plan that provides you all the benefits you require. If you do not have one, it is time for you to start thinking about investing in a good health insurance plan from a provider that will be there to assist you in crucial situations.


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